Walking Some, Not Thinking Much

Anyone who is still following this blog will have noticed I haven’t posted much lately. Partly that reflects the fact that I haven’t been walking as much (several rainy days), and partly it’s due to time pressure—too much other work to be done. But the primary factor is that I haven’t been thinking any thoughts worth sharing. Some days I’m preoccupied with all the tasks I have to accomplish during the day. Other days I’m puzzling about the meaning of a really strange dream (seems like I’ve had a lot of those lately). One day I was distracted by a sore toe (my husband put together some new bookcases, and when I was helping him move them—barefooted—the bookcase moved faster than my foot and ended up jamming my right big toe). Another day I was worried because I got out to the street and couldn’t remember how to start my stopwatch: I kept pushing all the wrong buttons, and so of course I started fretting that I was losing it; after all, they say the Alzheimer’s sufferer is the last to know! This sort of mood is not conducive to very productive thinking.

The weather is certainly conducive to walking these days, though, with cooler temperatures and frequently a nice breeze, especially last Friday, which was quite gusty all day as we got a little activity from the far outer bands of Hurricane Ike. It’s beginning to be good weather for opening the windows—an option that will not be open to some of my neighbors who are still boarded up or shuttered against possible hurricanes. Although the hurricane season doesn’t technically end till the end of November (and we can hardly forget the 2005 season, when they just kept on coming through the end of December, using up the alphabet and going “on beyond zebra” to Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta before they were done), and I can understand why a homeowner would not want to haul out an extension ladder to take down plywood or open shutters on the second floor of a house, I do have to wonder whether these folks are out of town or if they’re really living in a cave inside those boarded-up houses.

Well, I’m obviously just rambling. Perhaps tomorrow I can get back to thinking!

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