Will Power Weather

You folks in/from the Frozen North can snigger all you like (and, yes, you Midwestern snowbirds, I’m talking to you; I’ve seen you out there in your Bermuda shorts), but when the temperature dips below 50° here on the Gulf Coast, especially when the wind is agitating the treetops as it was today, it takes more grit than I can always muster to get me out on the street. It’s so much easier to stay comfortably inside in my flannel nightgown and quilted bathrobe. (In my defense, I have to say that the fickleness of our weather is certainly a factor: when it is 70° one day and 40° the next—I do not exaggerate—we don’t get much chance to acclimate ourselves, and I’m constantly debating what is the ideal attire for today’s outing.) But I did finally go out today—after noon, when the thermometer finally registered 51° or so.

I can’t really say I enjoyed it much. The sun was warm, but the air was still quite chilly, and the wind was cruel. Even though the rest of me warms up quite satisfactorily with the exertion, my hands are still like ice. Partly this is because I have yet to find a pair of gloves that are both heavy enough to be worthwhile and thin and flexible enough to allow me to operate the buttons on my watch, so I was bare-handed.

Aside from the wind and cold, however, it was a glorious day, with a cloudless sky. One can’t help noticing that the holiday season has officially begun. The trees downtown are swathed in strings of miniature lights, and last night was the official “Lighting of the Trees,” which will continue to be lit up at night at least through Mardi Gras. As I walked, I noticed several piles of white powder that had a distinctive cotton candy smell. Given the temperature, I didn’t linger for further analysis, but wild speculation suggested perhaps some kind of fire ant poison heavily laced with sugar? But why now, and why in such widely dispersed locations? A mystery I’ll have to pursue another time, I suppose.

Tomorrow morning I have to be up well before the crack of dawn to leave for a morning meeting several hours up the interstate, so I won’t be walking, which is just as well because the weatherman says it’s going to get very cold tonight (possible hard freeze—I noticed several neighbors had flung sheets over their delicate plants). Sunday is supposed to be milder, which I hope is the case, since it is the day of Fairhope’s annual Open House, when most of the downtown merchants throw open their stores and serve refreshments to all comers in the hope of enticing them to buy. It is the official opening of the Christmas shopping season, and nice weather would be a boon for the shopkeepers in these uncertain economic times.

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1 Response to Will Power Weather

  1. Luc Sanders says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    You are starting the festive season quite early. Season activity will start beginning of December, half December here. If it is any comfort to you we had our first snow and hail yesterday and today. One minute it is all white, a few minutes later all the snow has gone and the sun is shining brightly.
    Cold wind though, makes you want to stay inside.
    I’m replying in the hope my message will get through to you. I have responded to one of your previous messages but nothing showed up. Don’t know what is wrong.
    Keep safe

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