Our Fickle Weather

About a month ago I wrote that the fickleness of our weather makes it hard to become acclimated to the cold. Several times since then I’ve been tempted to post a follow-up citing actual temperatures to prove that I did not exaggerate. For example, on the day after I wrote that, it was 36° when I got up at 4:30 a.m. and (according to the thermometer in my car) 34° when I hit the road for Greenville at 6 a.m. It did eventually warm up some that day—the high (as registered by the thermometer over the furnace, so I’m always dubious about it) was 61°—and just two days later it was 52° when I got up, with a high of 72°.

According to a friend, last week our temperatures averaged 10 degrees below the average for the dates and this week 10 degrees above. We’ve definitely had a lot of fluctuation. On the theory that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” however, I present the graph below to illustrate what I am talking about. As you can guess, the red line represents the daily high and the blue line the low. I rest my case.

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