Hitting the Ground (Not) Running

After the exhilarating experience of actually managing to run short distances on Sunday, it was frustrating not to be able to get out at all on Monday.

I had every intention of doing so, but to begin with I overslept and so got a late start, and then I spent all morning in email, it seemed, fighting the various fires ignited by the messages I’d received, and at 11:55 a.m., I was still in my nightgown.

I’d suggested to my husband that we have lunch out (at a “square table” restaurant that serves generous portions of plain “home-cooked” meat and vegetables) so we could just have a sandwich for supper (I could see how the day was going and knew there wouldn’t be time to spend on cooking supper, much less getting out to the grocery for more food). But he had a client meeting in Mobile at 3, so we would have to leave for lunch no later than 1 p.m. He was headed out for a run and figured he would just barely have time, but it was obvious I wouldn’t (since I wasn’t ready to leave the computer yet, anyway).

So I not only didn’t try running again, I didn’t even get out for a walk. Yesterday I had ballet, so I wouldn’t have gone out anyway, but I got up with the kind of chest congestion that augurs weeks of asthmatic bronchitis and felt punk all day, not to mention that it was another nonstop day—there wouldn’t have been time.

This morning my chest seemed clear, but my head was stuffy instead, with a sinus headache that promised another unpleasant day. To my surprise, though, even after I’d dawdled every way I could think of, I still ended up with plenty of time for a walk before getting ready for Rotary. Given my iffy state of health, I thought better of trying to run again, but, again to my surprise, I found myself strangely energized and walking much faster than usual. I ended up finishing my route only a minute slower than on Sunday, when I ran (and four minutes faster than usual)!

It didn’t hurt that it was a gorgeous morning—temperature close to 70° F. and sunny at least to start, though it was completely overcast by the time I got home and did actually rain later in the day, as forecast (and now is turning much colder).

It has been another nonstop day, but at least this time I felt more in control—not as if my To Do list were overwhelming me—and I think that is at least partly attributable to the sense of satisfaction I felt in getting in a really brisk walk this morning. I hope I can remember that the next time I have “too much to do” and am tempted to slack off and skip the walk.

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