Racing the Calendar

On Wednesday I reported the beginning symptoms of what has developed into a pretty bad cold. On Thursday I was more or less functional, but Friday was the dripping, sneezing, stay-close-to-a-box-of-Kleenex day. Yesterday was the weak, achy, stay-in-bed-most-of-the-day day, and today is the sore, tight throat day.

Since my husband and I are scheduled to fly to the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday, for visits with family in Oregon followed by my attendance at the Microsoft MVP Global Summit in Seattle March 1–4, I sincerely hope that tomorrow will see a dramatic reduction in symptoms.

I’ve been steadily grinding through the mountain of details that have to be taken care of to prepare for a ten-day absence, and I think I’m pretty much on track to get everything done, but this virus has definitely thrown a monkey wrench into the works, constraining all my excursions—to the grocery, to the library for used paperbacks for the trip, to the post office, to the drugstore for more cough syrup—into what will undoubtedly be a very crowded Monday.

Since I haven’t emerged from the house any farther than the front walk to bring in the newspaper, needless to say I haven’t been out walking, but I’ll have plenty of opportunity for that in Portland, Astoria, and Seattle—details to follow.

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2 Responses to Racing the Calendar

  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Maybe your husband can do the errands while you retire to bed.

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