Walking and Wishing

Gardenias are in bloom here in Fairhope. I love the smell of gardenias, and every one I pass makes me nostalgic about the house we briefly owned in Atlanta. We lived in that house only eight months, so were there for only one summer, but I took full advantage of the gardenia bush by the back door, bringing in fresh blossoms each day to scent the house. I keep saying that someday, when we get around to having our yard landscaped, I want a gardenia bush (possibly over the objections of my husband, who doesn’t share my love of the fragrance).

I’d love to have a gardenia bush closer by, but as I walk I am even more wistful about another beauty beginning with the letter g, my new granddaughter, who is an ocean away. We will be visiting in July, and I look forward to meeting her then. Until then, I’m dependent on photos, which make me painfully aware of the opportunities I’m missing. My daughter recently sent fresh pictures, and I must share some here. I couldn’t choose between these two taken at one month, so you get both.

With her handsome daddy

In a moment of astonishment.

As a bonus, here’s one with her beautiful mother, at age two months:

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1 Response to Walking and Wishing

  1. She’s adorable! Thanks for sharing all three photos. It’s interesting that she resembles the parent who’s holding her.

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