Walking Through Soup

Because the Methodist church “gym” where I have been exercising on weekdays is not open on Sundays, I had no choice but to walk outside, so I was viewing the weather with more interest than usual. Although the forecast for today was for rain, the sun had put in a tentative appearance at daybreak. Not long thereafter, however, the skies darkened and there followed a very small shower (so slight that areas of the street under trees were still dry).

When I was ready to hit the street, it was still looking like rain, and in fact a few scattered drops were still falling—nothing to deter a determined walker with a broad-brimmed sunhat, however. Not long after I turned the corner, though, it began to rain in earnest. Still not a deterrent: in fact, the moisture was a lot pleasanter falling than when it had been hovering around like a thick soup. It even promised to drop the temperature a little.

Then, about two-thirds of the way through my walk, the rain stopped. The clouds parted, the sun came fiercely out, and the streets began to steam, creating the Turkish bath effect we here on the Gulf Coast know so well. Fortunately, a mild breeze picked up, out of the south so it was blowing full in my face, and this helped a little (at least until I turned the corner onto my street).

Earlier this week we had a slight cooling trend, with lows in the mid-60s instead of the high 70s (though daytime highs were still hitting well over 90). Now we’re back to our typical August misery. But never let it be said that our weather lacks variety!

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