Coming Through the Rye

Well, maybe not through the rye, but at least beside it. Although our weather has stayed so mild that our lawn grass (predominantly St. Augustine) is still pretty green (or at least would be if it weren’t covered with pine straw), I noticed this morning that the City has overseeded the bluff (and doubtless other City properties) with winter rye. This must have been done several days ago, as it is already quite thick and lush. Unlike St. Augustine, which just looks scraggly when allowed to grow too long, rye grass becomes so downright luxuriant that you are tempted to lie down and wallow in it!

One of the things that constantly surprised us when we visited England in March 2008 was how green everything was. On the Gulf Coast, where we live, any type of grass hardy enough to survive summer heat without wilting turns brown in winter, but the cool-climate grasses that prevail in England apparently stay green all year long. So while the trees were still bare (we’d left them in full bloom or beginning to leaf out in Fairhope), the ground was bright green, even in Scotland, as many of our photographs attest.

Well, that was spring, and now it is autumn, and everywhere there are signs of the approaching holidays. Last night Fairhope celebrated its annual “Lighting of the Trees.” The City had just finished removing dozens of aging Bradford pear trees along city streets (where they had become a hazard and a liability) and replacing them with Bosque Chinese elms, so it was a bit of a race for utility crews to get the lights up in time. But now downtown is once again a twinkling fairyland and will remain so until after Mardi Gras.

Even though we have a month to go before the solstice, this premature Festival of Lights does lift the spirits and put one in a holiday mood. To add to it, this Sunday afternoon the downtown merchants will hold their annual Christmas Open House, which is the official start of the Christmas shopping season (before Thanksgiving!), and on Friday evening, December 4, we’ll turn out for the Christmas parade.

But I can’t think about that now: my granddaughter is coming for Thanksgiving, and I have to think about what needs to be done to “childproof” the house!

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