Still Intriguing

Last Sunday I wrote about the latest new construction in our neighborhood. Today was the first time I’d gotten a chance to scope it out again—and actually the first time I’d even been out walking since Monday. Tuesday it was raining (and in any case I had my ballet class for exercise). Wednesday was lovely—no rain and a high in the 70s—but I had too many Rotary chores. Thursday I had ballet again, and by Friday it had turned bitterly cold. While waiting for a client, I dressed for walking, trying to persuade myself I would go out as soon as she left. She’d said she would come in the morning but actually didn’t show up till 1:30 p.m., by which time I knew I was not going to be able to leave the house (where I was already bundled up and freezing as our furnace struggled against the chill).

Yesterday it rained all day, with thunderstorms in the evening and heavy rain all night, accumulating nearly 4 inches, so my inspection of the house today was limited to tiptoeing gingerly around the edges of the slab, avoiding the inch-deep pool of water in the center. Even so, I was able to refresh my memory of the floor plan, and I am still mystified.

There are four rooms (or spaces) across the front. The farthest right is clearly the master bedroom. The other three are less easy to define. All three open onto the porch in front. In back, all three open onto a large space, extending the width of the house, that I take to be a Great Room on the left and kitchen on the right.

The farthest left room is connected to the Great Room by a short passage between a powder room and some sort of closet. For this reason I had previously decided it must be the foyer. It is now clear, however, that the center space, as I had originally assumed, must in fact be the foyer; now that the second floor has been framed up, it can be seen that the stairwell is here.

The room to the right of the foyer (and opening off it) might be a dining room or a parlor. The room on the left, since it does not open off the foyer, I am inclined to think may be a study rather than the dining room, but if it is the dining room, then perhaps the closet is a butler’s pantry.

Since there is as yet no stairway, I was unable to explore the second floor, but I could see from the front that there will be at least four chambers upstairs, at least two of which will open onto an upstairs porch (above the main front porch). I look forward to further investigation as construction continues.

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