Construction Update

As of yesterday the stairs have been installed in the house that replaced the little pink house, so this weekend I should be able to explore the upstairs. On the other construction site, the one that had just been cleared, marker posts were up last Saturday, and on Monday there were two cement mixers pouring the footings. To my surprise, yesterday a concrete-block foundation was being built on the newly poured concrete (doesn’t it need some time to cure?), so it would appear that the builder is in a hurry.

And in a surprising development, the house that I thought surely was slated for demolition is now sporting a building permit for “Int. Demo” (interior demolition). The listed contractor is one of the area’s premier fine homebuilders and remodelers, so I’m sure the “renovation” will be done tastefully and well, but it will probably be so drastic that little of the original will remain.

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