Both Sides

When I am walking, my brain is often in neutral (or, in cycling terms, freewheeling), so I often “notice” things without actually giving them my full attention.

The other day I “noticed” a holiday flag in a neighbor’s yard that appeared to say “YOL.” I fleetingly speculated that this might be “Yule” in some Scandinavian language, but, since I couldn’t actually see the entire flag, I figured I just hadn’t read it properly and went back to my previous train of thought.

As I was passing today, less preoccupied, I was somewhat abashed to realize that I’d seen the back of a flag that, on its face, proclaimed “JOY.”

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1 Response to Both Sides

  1. HAH

    Good story, and an interesting mix of “Possibly related posts”, based on your post title.

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