Everything a Yard Could Be

According to my mother, my paternal grandmother occasionally described an elaborate chapeau as “everything a hat could be.” Mother said she did not immediately realize that Grandmama did not intend this as a compliment: she meant that the hat was excessively ornamented.

Whenever I am tempted by cute lawn ornaments in home and garden stores and catalogs, I remind myself of this view along my walking route. The photos below don’t even show the stone (concrete) bench or the covered brick wishing well, not to mention whatever ornaments there may be in the patio area, which is surrounded by a tall privacy fence.

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1 Response to Everything a Yard Could Be

  1. lifeshighway says:

    omg, this is a perfect yard submission for the yard art game. I adore your grandmother’s saying and I will now add it to anything that is “too much”.

    Although, there can never be too much yard art because the entertainment is too great.

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