Construction Report

Because “the gym” is not open on Sundays (and is also closed today, Labor Day in the United States), I have to walk outside on Sundays and holidays, despite the heat. It is amazing to me how much the local scene can change in just a week.

Two of the houses whose construction I was watching with interest have been completed and the owners have moved in. Other construction has started or is imminent. A house that has been needing paint for years suddenly appeared yesterday fully painted (I’m sure the job hadn’t even been started the previous Sunday, so the homeowner must not have used our house painter, who took the better part of a year to finish).

One of the most startling developments, however, concerns the house that I had originally thought would surely be demolished. As previously reported, the house was not demolished, and, in addition to the utility work reported in a previous post, it was refurbished with new windows and a fresh coat of paint.

And then it sat. Work seemed to have ceased, but it was never put on the market (at least a For Sale sign never appeared). I did find it rather surprising that the paint job had not included the carport, which retained its ugly mustard color.

Now there is a new development. A sign has appeared in the yard indicating that the most prominent local architectural firm has been retained to remodel the house.

I would love to know the story behind this, as it seems inevitable that some of the work already done will have been wasted. I look forward to seeing what will happen next.

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