Sidewalk Update

In my last post I wrote about the new serpentine sidewalk next to Knoll Park. I wondered whether I would use it even if it added to my time.

Well, of course, I do! It probably doesn’t add as much time as the ten seconds I spent this morning waiting to cross the street at the end of it.

I was right about the parking, too: here’s how it looked during Fairhope’s Annual Arts & Crafts Festival:

Today Knoll Park is being prepared for an Easter egg hunt. When I passed, one woman had a shopping bag full of eggs and was trying to find places to hide them not too inconspicuously. Two other women had set up a table by the sidewalk and didn’t appear to be doing anything useful. As I came barreling down on them, they didn’t even step to one side, and I had to step off the sidewalk to go around them. I was tempted to tell them there’s a reason it’s called a “sidewalk” and not a “sidestandandchat.”

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