Rain, Rain, Go Away

Aside, perhaps, from some vacationers at the Gulf beaches, you will not hear anyone around here singing that song. After a prolonged (but doubtless not unprecedented) drought, we have finally had close to 3″ of rain in the past 48 hours or so. Since it has fallen almost entirely after dark and mostly between midnight and sunrise, it has been especially beneficial and, for most people, not at all inconvenient. And, although there’s been some dramatic thunder and lightning, for the most part it’s been fairly gentle rain.

I was actually out in it this morning. I had decided this would be a good day to edge the front walk and, if the weather held, at least part of the driveway. After two nights of rain, the ground was very soft, which did make the job much easier.

When I went out, it was overcast and about 77°, which should not have been too unpleasant. With 84% humidity and absolutely dead-still air, however, I soon began to pour sweat, Still, after I finished the front walk, I got a bottle of water from the fridge and started on the carport and driveway.

The skies continued to darken, and eventually it started sprinkling. I put my hat back on to keep my glasses dry and continued working. It stopped sprinkling but kept getting darker.

By the time I’d finished edging one side of the driveway, it had started raining in earnest, but I couldn’t stop because I had all the debris to rake/sweep up. This became increasingly challenging as the grass, leaves, and dirt, not to mention the driveway and the broom—and I—got wetter and wetter.

By the time I came inside, I was completely soaked, but you will not hear me complain!

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