Manhole or Wormhole?

My sun hat has a tendency to flop forward, forcing me to look more down than straight ahead. As a result, walking this morning in stifling heat (I really should have gotten out a couple of hours earlier) and looking down at the street, I saw something I had never noticed before.

It was a manhole cover. Certainly there is nothing startling about a manhole, but this one was different. Every other manhole cover on my walk (because of course at that point I started noticing) was so generic that no one has even posted a picture of one online. It has a star in the center, and the rest is covered with small crosses, and written around the edge are the words SANITARY SEWER.

In contrast, the manhole cover that first drew my attention was labeled CITY OF BIRMINGHAM SANITARY. This provides a basis for speculation. Is the City of Fairhope buying secondhand manhole covers? Or, given that Birmingham is some 250 miles away, perhaps the manhole is actually the portal to a very, very long underground passage!

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2 Responses to Manhole or Wormhole?

  1. Dan Freeman says:

    It’s a very, very long pneumatic tube. 😉

  2. Luc Sanders says:

    Or someone is swapping manholes as a hobby.

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