No Excuses

I really had every intention of taking at least a test walk yesterday but got embroiled in other activities until it was so late in the day that I begged off. Today, though, despite spinning my wheels for at least an hour trying to track down a quotation in the book I just finished, I was determined to hit the street.

It wasn’t bad. Not by any means my best time on this course, but not bad. I’d figured I’d start with the northern portion of the loop and come on home if I didn’t feel up to the rest, but in fact I felt fine, so I persevered and finished the course. Interestingly the GPS track (zoomed in) even shows where I sidestepped to pluck dead wood out of the shrubbery beside Mershon Court (on Summit Street between Magnolia and Fairhope Avenues) and throw it to the curb.

I noticed a lot of houses with newly posted For Sale signs, which seems a hopeful sign that recovery from the Great Recession may be just around the corner—or at least these homeowners are betting on it.

Tomorrow: Back to the gym!

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2 Responses to No Excuses

  1. Randy says:

    Hey Suzanne I know this isn’t where to leave this, but I just wanted to say thanks so much, you really saved the day for me!!
    I was working on a document in Word (last minute under the gun attempt….I am sure you understand!!) when I found out I was unable to put the page number on my documents. Looked all over the net for a solution….tried all sorts of stuff and was about to give up when I seen your comment on using Shift-Alt-P. There it was…the page number on the bottom of each page. Just wanted to say thanks so much for advice no one else had!! You’re the greatest!!

  2. I’m glad you found the suggestion helpful. Positive feedback is always very gratifying.

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