This Week’s Bluff Notes

I’m beginning to think that “Walksights” would be a better name for this blog, as I seem to be reporting more on what I’m seeing on my walks than on what I’m thinking. Again this week, my observations are primarily construction-related, but my “home inspections” were exterior-only, so they will provide limited insight (pun possibly intended).

To begin with just a couple of seasonal observations, however, in the yard next door this bouquet of mushrooms caught my eye (one of numerous such posies scattered across the strip of grass beside the street):

And someone has decorated the ornamental boulder on the bluff:

204 N. Bayview

Although I know work has been ongoing (I can hear hammering from my office window), there is not much noticeable change here except that the roof has been covered with roofing felt.

Incidentally, I ran into the former owner last weekend and asked him if he’d seen what had been done to his house. He was very pleased. He said he was glad to see that all the memories had been stripped out of it so that there would be “no ghosts.”

308 N. Bayview

What I hadn’t previously noticed was that not only the front wraparound porch had been removed; another screened porch extending from the back on the left (north) side is also gone. The aerial view below shows the original footprint; the red line indicates what’s left.

This was much more obvious when I passed today because corner markers and a network of boundary lines has now appeared surrounding the house, and a slight rise behind the house has been excavated for expansion.

When I ventured around the north side of the house to get a better look, it was clear that something had been whacked off the back. Only the central core remains.

351 N. Summit

At first I didn’t think there was any change here, but comparison with last week’s photos shows that the pink and yellow flags are new.

112 N. Summit

A great deal has been done since my last photo, including the roof and eaves trim, but in the past week windows have been installed. Also, I saw a truck from an HVAC company in the yard one day, so presumably work on the interior is progressing.

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