Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 1-25-15

Some interesting progress this week.

204 N. Bayview

A shape has been selected, and braces have been cut and installed.

204 N. Bayview 1-25-15

308 N. Bayview

Further work on the roof gives a better idea of the ultimate shape of the house.

308 N. Bayview 1-25-15A

308 N. Bayview 1-25-15B

351 N. Summit

No change unless you count the greenery growing on the debris pile on the Summit Street side.

351 N. Summit 1-18-15

112 N. Summit

No noticeable external change; the story this week is inside, where stained and varnished woodwork has appeared, including most door frames and baseboards and a few cove mouldings.

112 N. Summit 1-25-15A

We will look forward to seeing the ultimate placement of these lovely doors with etched glass.

112 N. Summit 1-25-15B

111 Magnolia Avenue

Work on the second floor is continuing.

111 Magnolia 1-25-15A

111 Magnolia 1-25-15B

Viewing the house from Boise Lane is easier now, as the attractive landscaping seen in this Google Street View shot has been mercilessly pruned.

111 Magnolia Before

111 Magnolia 1-25-15C

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