Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 2-15-15

Progress continues at an uneven pace.

204 N. Bayview

The open door and the presence of construction vehicles indicated that work was being done inside the house, so I was unable to “snoop,” but there appeared to be no external change.

308 N. Bayview

One big change this week is the installation of windows.

Grading has continued and the framework for a veranda or covered patio has been erected.

Inside, the layout exemplifies the real estate phrase “intriguing floor plan.” As yet I can’t make heads or tails of it, but it appears that a master suite will be to the left of the original central entry hall, to which end these two original doorways have been blocked off.

It appears that a pull-down stair here will provide access to the added attic space gained by raising the roofline.

351 N. Summit

No change.

112 N. Summit

The most noticeable work during the week involved excavation by City utilities in the front yard. Ordinarily, utility work would be done before construction began, but, since there had previously been a house on this lot, it may have been assumed that all utilities were in place. What appears to be newly laid sewer pipe suggests that the existing plumbing may have been discovered to be inadequate. We were in our house for decades before we finally had to have leaking and plugged-up terra cotta sewer pipe ripped out and replaced with PVC; perhaps the situation here was similar.

Inside, the news is all about ceiling fixtures. This one is in what can now be assumed to be the dining room.

The master bedroom is one of several rooms with a ceiling fan.

This is the general style of ceiling fixtures in rooms without a ceiling fan.

It now seems clear that this must be the kitchen, with a breakfast area.

I was puzzled about these suspended fixtures until I saw them from the kitchen side of the cased opening and realized that they will doubtless be above a serving bar between the kitchen and the living room.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Although the rear view (first photo below) shows that work on framing the roof is not complete, the view from the front (second photo) shows that a portion of the roof has been sheathed in plywood and covered with Tyvek.

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