Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 2-21-15

Since the “gym” (the Christian Life Center of the Fairhope United Methodist Church) was closed today for “an event,” I had to walk outside instead of on a treadmill, and because my GPS watch needed charging, I decided to make a leisurely inspection tour, not worrying about time or distance. So I had ample opportunity to explore.

204 N. Bayview

The outside looks unchanged, but these photos, taken through windows, show that work is proceeding inside.

204 N. Bayview 2-21-15A

308 N. Bayview

The big change this week is the addition of a gabled roof over the entrance to the front porch.

351 N. Summit

Surprise! Work has begun on something. Since workers were present, I couldn’t really snoop, but it appears that a masonry foundation is being constructed.

112 N. Summit

All week I’d seen trucks labeled “Cabinets,” so I was really looking forward to checking out the interior today, and I was well rewarded: cabinetry has been installed in the kitchen, all three bathrooms, and a room in the master suite that will presumably be a den/study/library/office.

Clearly the opening on the left here is for a slide-in range (with hood), so I’m curious about the opening on the right, with electrical connection. Perhaps a wine cooler?

No window over the sink since it backs up on the master suite, but the freestanding counter with serving bar can now be seen.

The serving bar from the great room side. The tall opening in the cabinetry is obviously for a refrigerator. There is an outlet (not a wired-in connection) in the smaller opening to the left, suggesting the location of a microwave.

This is the master bath, with a small linen closet to the right. To the right of that is the door to a gigantic walk-in closet, which connects to the laundry room, which also opens out into the back hall opposite the door from the garage.

This is the library/study.

In this view from the loft, it can be seen that the glass-paneled doors have been moved from the kitchen to the great room. Still no clue as to where they’ll end up.

111 Magnolia Avenue

The stairs have been roughed in, so I got a chance to scope out the second floor, and it offers some mysteries. It appears to have two generous bedrooms plus what amounts to a second master suite. There doesn’t seem to be any attic storage, though the location of this door opening is intriguing.

I’m also puzzled about the enclosed space here between rooms. Unless it will be used for ductwork or perhaps built-in shelves or cabinets, I find it very mysterious.

The stairwell offers a dramatic view.

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