Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 3-15-15

There’s a good bit of progress to be observed on all fronts this week.

204 N. Bayview

The corner columns on the upstairs porch, while perhaps not new, have not previously been reported.

Views through windows in the back and front show that progress is being made inside.

308 N. Bayview

The weather this past week has hardly been conducive to roofing (we recorded a total of 5.65″ of rainfall at our house), so my first impression was that roofing had not been attempted (and bales of straw have been added to prevent runoff). But a second look revealed that there were considerably fewer packages of shingles on the roof.

Sure enough, the back of the roof has been entirely shingled, and siding has also been added.

Brickwork on the chimney has begun, and windows have been framed preparatory to adding siding.

The front of the house also displays fresh clapboards as well as a low wall surrounding the porch.

351 N. Summit

Grading and filling has continued, though it’s not clear why two types of fill dirt are being used.

This impressive piece of equipment is obviously a drill (it’s the one here), but I haven’t a clue what is being drilled, though there are several coils of black rubber hose/pipe at the site.

112 N. Summit

This new padmount transformer presumably indicates that the electrical utility work being done the past few weeks is now complete.

I’m betting that this is the tub that will presumably be mounted on the platform visible behind it.

Shelves and clothes rods have been installed in the master bedroom closet/dressing room. Shelves have also been added to some other closets throughout the house.

Treads and risers have been added to most of the staircase.

111 Magnolia Avenue

A few from the rear of the form for the garage and outside storage area.

HVAC ductwork is being installed, along with some plumbing. I was intrigued by this configuration of piping.

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