Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 3-22-15

It’s a good thing I made my house inspection tour yesterday because this morning it has been rainy. There were some interesting developments to observe.

204 N. Bayview

From the stack of bricks, it appears possible that the entire front porch will be bricked.

The addition of glass doors provides a further view of the interior, including this sunny ell of the living room.

308 N. Bayview

Application of shingles continues, and siding has been added to the porch wall.

Construction of the chimney approaches completion.

Siding and trim have been completed on this wing in the back.

A form has been constructed for the concrete slab foundation of a garage or carport, which will be several feet above the ground level of the house. I look forward to seeing how the driveway will be handled.

351 N. Summit

Fill and grading continue, and the piping in this trench is intriguing.

112 N. Summit

The whirlpool tub for the master bath has been uncrated but not installed. It is currently resting in the walk-in closet.

The master bath shower has been prepped for tiling.

Tiling has begun in the shower in the hall bath.

The bath shared by Bedrooms 2 and 3 gives a preview of the completed tile work.

These tiles, stacked in the area between the garage and the laundry room (labeled “Keeping Room” on the plans), are probably destined for the master bath shower.

Trim has been added in the sunroom (“Covered Porch” on the plans).

111 Magnolia Avenue

Trim on the gable ends (front and back) of the east wing has been painted.

The elaborate plumbing arrangements here suggest that the area behind the garage will be more than just outside storage.

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