Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 3-29-15

A mixed bag today.

204 N. Bayview

Not much visible exterior change (a carpenter was working in the house, so I didn’t snoop much). Although there are no back steps yet, this brick stoop has been built.

308 N. Bayview

The chimney has been topped off with this whimsical tent.

Installation of foam insulation has begun.

The concrete slab has been poured for the carport and outside storage area. I ran into the owner and got to talking, so I neglected to take a photo. What I did learn (duh!) is that there is an alley behind the house, so the carport will be accessed from the rear. The owner said the raised area in the back with be terraced, with a retaining wall and steps to reach the carport.

351 N. Summit

No change except that the trench has been filled.

112 N. Summit

No further progress in the kitchen, but here’s a better view of the cabinets in the sink area, with fluorescent lighting under each cabinet.

The “platform” in the master bath has now been revealed as a surround, which has been cut to receive the tub, and mirrors and light fixtures are in place.

The sink, counter, mirror, and light fixture have also been installed in the hall bath.

The medicine chest has been installed in the upstairs bath. The area above the tub has been prepped for tiling, and the waiting tiles are white marble.

These two views of the laundry room make me wonder where there will be room for an ironing board.

The concrete floor of the sun porch has been painted.

111 Magnolia Avenue

More progress toward pouring the slab for the garage.

Siding and shingles have been added to this gable.

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