Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 4-19-15

The house at 112 N. Summit is definitely the star this week, advancing by leaps and bounds, but small advances have also been made at the other properties.

204 N. Bayview

A decorative railing is being added to the upstairs porch.

It appears that the front porch will be accessed via steps in the front, raising doubts about the purpose of the lower level of the porch to the south.

These shots through back windows give a glimpse of the master bath/closet area.

The blocked and false windows at the southwest corner indicate the location of the walk-in closet seen in the far background of the photo above.

308 N. Bayview

The addition of narrow uprights to the porch indicates that it will, like its predecessor, be screened.

All the door openings in the house have been sealed, presumably to control humidity (a significant issue after a week of rain).

Progress on the garage continues.

351 N. Summit

At last, framing for the foundation has begun.

This side view gives an idea of how much the lot has been raised.

112 N. Summit

The first thing one notices on entering from the garage is wood flooring, which is in a state of partial completion throughout the house (some rooms completed, others not begun, some half-done).

In the kitchen, appliances have been installed. The refrigerator, gas range, and (electric) double ovens are LG, the dishwasher KitchenAid.

As in the kitchen, faucets (and also toilets) have been installed in all the bathrooms.

On the counter in the hall bathroom is a grab bar, not yet installed. Its presence is consistent with the handicapped-accessible shower stall.

The master bathroom boasts brass faucets (all the rest are nickel-finish).

The upstairs and Jack-and-Jill bathrooms finally have light fixtures, but there is still no mirror in the latter (the medicine cabinet upstairs has been temporarily removed from the upstairs bath).

The etched-glass doors have been moved but still not installed.

In the laundry room, the laundry tub has been installed, and the Maytag dryer awaits installation (perhaps pending arrival of the matching washer).

I had not previously noticed this thermostat, but I now realize it is for a tankless water heater.

The water heater is not visible anywhere inside, so I suspect it is behind this panel.

111 Magnolia Avenue

After a week of rain, it’s not surprising that little progress has been made on the outside—just a few more areas covered with siding. If there was any change in the interior, I could not detect it.

I’m perplexed by this enclosure under the stairs. Perhaps it is just temporary, as it seems that surely the opportunity to utilize storage space here would not be wasted.

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