Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-3-15

Several interesting developments this week.

204 N. Bayview

Surprise! The front porch has been screened. When I passed, a worker was preparing to install painted sections of railing (including one of the fancier sections for the upstairs porch).

308 N. Bayview

No noticeable changes outside, but inside, beaded ceilings have been installed (including in the front hall, replacing its vintage beadboard). In the master bathroom, the de rigueur whirlpool bath is in place, and the shower has been tiled. In accordance with the homeowners’ desire to reuse as many as possible of the original doors, they have been assembled, ready for refinishing—glass doors in the master suite’s walk-in closet and solid doors in the room on the northwest corner.

351 N. Summit

The site has been prepared for pouring of the slab, a design I have never before seen.

112 N. Summit

This may well be our last visit to this site. During the past week, sod was laid, and a moving van was parked in front of the house all day yesterday. On the other hand, there were no lights on in the house last night, the men working at the house this morning did not appear to be the homeowners, a fence is under construction in the back yard, the portable toilet has not been removed (not to mention the large pipes), and an unsodded dirt area seems to promise a parking area. And the corrugated drainage tubing is still exposed in the side yard.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Outside, painting continues. Inside, there is little noticeable change. Boards have been laid on the roofing felt that covers the upstairs porches, presumably as foundation for a more substantial floor. The garage/outbuilding slab as seen from the back upstairs porch. The north entry porch is covered in sawdust and also contains these mysterious objects. Inside, lengths of white-painted tongue-and-groove, presumably the subject of the sawing, will probably become a ceiling.

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