Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-24-15

Very little to report this week.

204 N. Bayview

Posts for a handrail have been added to the steps and a landing pad outlined.

This outside shower (on the south wall outside the master bathroom) even includes a foot washer (the door is the one removed from the outbuilding in back).

I’m curious about what will go in this box on south wall of the front porch.

308 N. Bayview

The beaded ceiling has been stained.

This close-up shows framing for a light switch in the front hall.

351 N. Summit

A detail I overlooked last week is the lip at the end of the parking area. Is this just a barrier to entry (to cars or rainwater runoff), or will the space behind it be filled in with bricks or other pavers?

The main slab shows areas for two porches (one will be an entry).

112 N. Summit

Maybe not “all done” after all. During the past week a truck from a “screen room” builder was in the driveway, and these piles of sand and bricks in the back yard suggest further work on the “patio.”

111 Magnolia Avenue

The roof has been raised on the “garage.”

The purpose of the “mysterious objects” reported on three weeks ago now becomes evident; they’re support columns for the front porches.

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