Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-31-15

Not much to report today.

204 N. Bayview

The porch step bannisters have been completed, and a path to the driveway sketched out.

AC units on both sides of the house (one on the north, two on the south) were all chugging away.

308 N. Bayview

Exterior painting (the original dove grey) has been almost completed.

HVAC is not as advanced here. Window units and freestanding devices are scattered throughout the house. Although wiring is complete, only a few selected electrical outlets have been installed, so power for lighting, tools, and the AC units is provided via 15A extension cords (sometimes several of them) running from room to room.

351 N. Summit

We have liftoff!

112 N. Summit

I detoured via Church Street yesterday, peering between houses to get a glimpse of the back yard, and it appears that what is being constructed is a large barbecue pit. It looks like concrete but will presumably be faced with brick.

111 Magnolia Avenue

It’s hard to tell from this photo (the sun was in an inconvenient spot), but roofing felt has been applied to the “garage.”

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1 Response to Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-31-15

  1. Dan Freeman says:

    I’m really enjoying these reports.

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