Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 6-14-15

204 N. Bayview

Greenery in the dumpster and a Bobcat in the front yard suggest that grading and landscaping may be imminent.

Painters were touching up the porches when I passed yesterday. Although you can’t tell it in this photo, the porch ceilings are painted the traditional sky-blue.

The fence surrounding the rear courtyard and separating it from the alley (shown in the Google Street View photo in my April 26 post) has been removed, and the door of the outbuilding has been painted bright yellow. The total absence of vegetation here suggests the source of the greenery in the Dumpster.

These two photos, taken from windows in the carport (on the north side of the house) show the refurbished (original) staircase separating what appear to be two parts of the kitchen (for orientation purposes, observe the position of the white brick fireplace surround and mantel). A large stainless steel refrigerator is on the left in the second photo. The windows through which these photos were shot were above eye level, so I was shooting blind.

308 N. Bayview

The structure in the cantilevered bay is now revealed as a window seat capacious enough to serve as an extra bunk if required.

Cabinetry is being installed in the kitchen.

351 N. Summit

The sum total of a week’s work on the house is that the Tyvek in the window and door openings has been cut and pinned back.

The garage, however, has acquired a ceiling sturdy enough to suggest, if not a second floor, then at least usable attic space under the roof.

120 Kiefer Avenue

The dumpster in the front yard of this house (which was recently on the market) is filled with material suggesting that the house is being gutted. Stay tuned!

112 N. Summit

A little better angle on the barbecue pit and patio, clearly still unfinished.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Absolutely no discernible change here except the installation of a (very) few windows in the “garage.”

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