Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 7-20-15

I was out of town (visiting relatives in Oregon, where it was blessedly cool) last weekend, but for the most part it’s hard to see two weeks’ worth of progress since my last report.

204 N. Bayview

One last (?) photo of this house, as I think these shutters (concealing blind dummy windows in the master bath/closet) are new since I last saw the house.

308 N. Bayview

The big news here is that the front and back double French doors have been installed, though the plastic sheeting and plywood doors are still in place.

Cabinetry is being installed in the room off the kitchen—I think perhaps a combination pantry and utility room.

The toilets are still in their cartons, but this dressing table has been installed between the master bath and walk-in closet, and newly delivered cartons (in one of the back bedrooms) promise elaborate lighting.

Application of siding to the garage continues.

The front walk has been poured, and a trench (purpose unknown) has been dug around the house.

351 N. Summit

The second floor has been framed and beams for the roof of the breezeway between house and garage have been added.

111 Magnolia Avenue

As expected, brick masons have been at work on the first floor.

The brick driveway has taken a lot of abuse and will need to be repaired.

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