Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 7-26-15

Some interesting developments this week, and we bid goodbye to one property

204 N. Bayview

A last look at this one. I’ve been thinking, as I passed, the past few weeks, that the “final” photo I posted did not include the park bench in front of the steps, so here’s the definitive photo of the front.

In the back, a bit more landscaping has been done inside the fence, and there is furniture in the “patio.”

The AC unit suggests that this outbuilding is intended as more than a storage shed, and a peek through the door (when the owners were away) shows that the old kitchen appliances and cabinets are still in place; perhaps this will be outfitted as a guesthouse.

308 N. Bayview

The piles of bricks beside the front walk and around the house suggest that something else is planned.

The trenches have now been partially filled. As speculated, French drains are being constructed, with gratings at intervals.

As noted, although the French doors have been installed, the previous fabric and plywood seals are still in place. I’ve now realized that (duh!) this is because the doors have not yet been glazed.

Inside, the back bedroom shows further promise of goodies to come, among them plumbing and lighting fixtures and a fan.

Woodwork is being added around the fireplace.

This new unit in the kitchen will undoubtedly house the refrigerator.

This unit being constructed in the living room appears to be destined to be a serving bar, presumably to be located between the kitchen and dining room.

Units are being constructed in this space between kitchen and living room, loosely identified as a butler’s pantry (no indication it will include a wet bar).

Although this high-tech thermostat has been installed, AC is still being provided (at least partly) by window units, as shown by this shot of the large room (by the kitchen) tentatively designated a pantry and utility room.

This lighting panel in the front hall suggests that a large variety of illumination will be controlled from this spot.

351 N. Summit

The second floor has been partially wrapped and the roof covered. Still no stairs, so I won’t be exploring the second floor yet.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Brick work continues.

Columns and other woodwork on the front porches and back balcony have been completed except for the railings, the specifications of which are shown.

Inside, insulation has been added—blown foam in the outside walls (and some interior ones), fiberglass batts in the ceiling and elsewhere—and gypsum board has been staged throughout the house for installation.

Upstairs, the mystery space remains mysterious—a space about six feet wide and a foot and a half deep, with no apparent access or purpose.

This is the master bathroom, larger than most bedrooms. In addition, there are two ginormous walk-in closets. This is downstairs; upstairs there is a second “master suite,” plus three more bedrooms and a small sitting area or office opening onto the upstairs porch. And of course there’s also the “garage.”

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