Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 8-2-15

Although this is being written and posted on Monday, the photos were taken on Saturday and Sunday as usual. I just ran out of time Sunday.

204 N. Bayview

Additions to this site continue. Planters have been added in front of the steps.

And this concrete block construction on the north side of the carport/driveway, photographed on Sunday, was being built when I passed on Saturday. The fence behind it, along with a matching one on the south side of the property, is also new, built at the same time as the fence in back, reported on July 4.

308 N. Bayview

Work on the French drains continues (not shown). Siding of the carport has been completed.

Here’s a new view of the back of the carport, taken from the alley.

Inside, the kitchen sink is in place, and the fireplace surround and mantel have been completed and painted (along with an assortment of shelves prepared for various locations).

This storage unit has been placed in the hall bathroom but not completely installed.

In the back bedroom, one of the boxes has been opened: a Hunter fan has been installed.

351 N. Summit

Wrapping of the house has progressed a little.

111 Magnolia Avenue

This house is finally showing some great leaps forward. Outside, painting and brickwork are almost complete, and the decorative railings have been installed on both balconies.

The roof of the “garage” has been shingled, and the breezeway has been roofed with standing-seam metal roofing. Brick facing is being added to the garage.

Inside, the house is really beginning to take shape with the installation of gypsum board for walls and ceilings. This shot from the front door shows the east end of the living room, with fireplace, back porch entry, and stairs to the second floor. Between the fireplace and porch entry is the passage to the master suite.

This view from the kitchen shows the west (Boise Lane) entrance to what is likely a breakfast area facing south (toward Magnolia Avenue).

Attempts to photograph the master suite were frustrating because of its size (I need a wider-angle lens), but this is the bedroom, with windows on the east and north (back) sides.

This photo, taken from the southwest corner, shows less than half of the master bath, which is at the front of the house. Behind me was the separate toilet room.

Between the bath and bedroom are two enormous rooms assumed to be a walk-in closet and a closet/dressing room (with window).

Other Developments

Work on the addition at 59 N. Summit has been halted, and repairs to the storm damage have not begun (presumably waiting for insurance estimates); the roof is still covered by a blue tarp.

Although it is outside the scope of “Bluff Neighborhood Construction” and a block away from my beaten (walking) path, I was surprised to see that this little cottage at 301 Fels Avenue (shown here as it appeared to Google Street View in April 2011)…

…has been demolished and replaced by this new construction, which is well under way.

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