Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 8-9-15

204 N. Bayview

Still a few more developments here. The rear courtyard has been set up as an outdoor dining area.

And in the carport, as expected, the concrete block construction has become an outdoor kitchen with grills from Big Green Egg and Bull Outdoor Products.

308 N. Bayview

No interior photos today because a carpenter was at work on the porch, where the entry has been slightly reconfigured, with new (unpainted) half-wall sections added. I’m curious about the curved plywood addition(s).

351 N. Summit

A second-floor bridge has been added to the breezeway.

Since there is no opening in the ceiling of the garage, it appears that the bridge will provide the only access to the bonus room over the garage.

111 Magnolia Avenue

The addition of paint (or at least primer) has made all the rooms look much closer to completion (if I’d realized how dramatic the difference was, I’d have taken more photos). Here for example, are a couple of shots of the master bathroom. As you can see, the corner from which I photographed the bathroom last week was not, in fact, the toilet room as I stated but part of an elaborate shower area (the toilet area is to its right).

To the left of the shower, facing the street, the bathroom has several windows. I assume a spa tub will be under them.

This shot shows, through the door, the sunny laundry/utility room. Plumbing for a laundry tub (?) can be seen in the mud room (?) in the foreground. This is just inside the rear entry from the garage (via the breezeway).

These decorative brackets will presumably go somewhere outside.

Here’s a view of the “garage” from the rear upstairs porch. Brick veneer had been applied to the far wall last week (you can see the edges of the bricks sticking out), and apparently the brick masons have not returned to finish the job.

I have finally figured out the mysterious “empty” area on the second floor. As can be seen from this artist’s rendering, the original plan was to have a chimney, which would have been routed through that space. But the fireplace in the living room has no outlet (it is plumbed for gas logs), so the chimney is not required. It’s a shame, though, that this space (about 16″ × 80″ judging from the placement of studs, which can be seen in the photo in my February 1, 2015, post) was not reworked for bookshelves, a linen cupboard, or the like.

Other Developments

In the eight days since last week’s photograph, siding has been slapped onto this house at 301 Fels Avenue. A worker was present; if work is being done seven days a week, it’s no surprise that it is getting done quickly.

Returning home I took the opportunity to catch up on progress on the Theater Building downtown and the “townhomes” being built at 52 N. Church Street, which look very attractive.

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