Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 8-23-15

I was out of town last weekend, so this weekend I was expecting to see dramatic and significant changes in the three sites I’m currently following. Bottom line: two out of three ain’t bad! But buckle up because I took lots of photos of those two (of which these are just a sample), so it’s going to be a long ride.

308 N. Bayview

The front walk has been bricked, and these graceful Craftsman-style brackets now support the porch overhang.

Venturing onto the front porch for the first time in several months, I found that in fact the floor has been completed and painted, but it is still almost entirely covered with plywood for protection from the carpentry equipment situated there.

In addition, ceiling fans have been hung on the front porch, the ceiling of which has been stained at some point.

Inside, painting continues. The central hall is looking very bright. In the background, you can see the Craftsman-style screen door frames for the porch, shown below in a regrettably out-of-focus close-up.

Finishing touches are noticeable everywhere, including cover plates for most of the electrical outlets and switches.

The stack of boxes in Bedroom 3 has been greatly reduced by the installation of ceiling fans in all the bedrooms (and elsewhere). Toilet bowls and tanks remain, along with some light fixtures, faucets, and an InSinkErator disposer.

Although no bathroom fixtures (except tubs) have yet been installed, this vanity and linen closet have been installed in the hall bathroom. In the powder room, a metal vanity awaits a lavatory.

In the master suite, this dressing table fills the space at the end of the hall between the bathroom and walk-in closet, and the tile floor of the shower has also been tiled (wall tile had already been in place).

The “sitting room” is looking nearly complete, though it is still serving as a repository for a collection of unfinished drawers and the putative master bathroom vanity.

In the master bedroom, a ceiling fan and can lights can be seen above. The arched door frames were a puzzle to me until I looked at my photos of the kitchen (no clue about the ladder-like frame next to them).

In the kitchen, the “serving bar” is now revealed (duh!) as the de rigueur “island,” with a butcher block countertop. The ornate “chimney” contains a state-of-the-art range hood, and the arched cupboard opening will presumably receive the arched door frames now leaning against the wall in the master bedroom.

In the laundry room/pantry, the washer and dryer connections indicate that they will be stacked, and the breaker box, in mysteriously random order, suggests the complexity of the electrical system (including three “fridges”).

351 N. Summit

I could not tell that any progress has been made in the past several weeks. Although this lift seems prepared to convey building materials to the second floor (or shingles to the roof), it does not seem to have done so.

In the living room, leftover lengths of massive beam stock await reassignment, and the purpose of this curved bracket is yet to be revealed.

I may have to rethink my statement about the second-floor “bridge” between house and garage, since it does not appear that there is any opening on either side, much less a floor, but there is still no opening to the attic storage from the garage itself.

111 Magnolia Avenue

This house is really beginning to shape up now. In my absence, most of the window and door framing had been completed. Here’s a sample, in the breakfast area, which also boasts an interesting ceiling treatment.

This is the first-floor master bath, with windows facing on Magnolia Avenue. The shower stall will apparently have two shower heads.

Risers (but not treads) have been added to the bottom half of the stairs, and the photo below shows the view from the top of the stairs now that the window has been framed.

The door casings and ceilings of both upstairs porches have been stained.

Outside, brickwork has progressed, with only a few details (as shown below) yet to be completed.

Much of the recent progress has been in the “garage” building, here shown in two exterior views. I hadn’t previously realized that the garage will be a single one despite being (I think) wide enough for two cars.

Inside, a combination of white and purple wallboard gives an interesting appearance.

The upstairs apartment is taking shape. This is the sitting area at the top of the stairs (which are behind the wall to the right). I still haven’t figured out why it needs two doors opening onto the balcony.

Two views of the bedroom, showing windows facing Boise Lane and two small closets.

Between the sitting room and bedroom are a utility closet and a bathroom opening into both the bedroom and the hall.

A view of the house as seen from the sitting room.

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