Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 9-6-15

I hope that my devoted readers (all one or two of you) appreciate the lengths to which I go to bring you this weekly report. This morning when I left the house, I knew that my camera battery was near death, so I carried a spare in my other pocket. Sure enough, after a few photos at 308 N. Bayview, the camera announced that the battery was “exhausted.” I put in the spare, but after two more photos, it also gave up the ghost. In all fairness, that’s the battery I bought (in Tokyo) in 2004, so it’s provided yeoman service and has been retired with an Honorable Discharge (and I’ve ordered two more batteries).

As I wandered around the house, looking at the improvements I had not been able to photograph, I debated whether they warranted a return home for a fresh battery (I’d already shot 111 Magnolia yesterday). On balance, I decided they did, so I trekked back, a round trip of over half a mile, after which I was pretty exhausted myself (though the temperature was a relatively mild 84°, Weather Underground showed 75% relative humidity, giving a heat index of 96°). Anyway, I do have a few new things to show you.

308 N. Bayview Street

Outside, the carport has been primed, and the painter had some fun with the temporary plywood covering of the attic window/vent.

It looks like there will be no dearth of water sources outside.

Inside, the major additions this week are granite countertops. Here are the ones in the kitchen.

These views of the butler’s pantry between kitchen and living room show that it will have a wet bar.

One of the faucets in this pile is destined for the wet bar.

The kitchen sink will also have a dishwashing liquid disposer.

The hall bath also has a granite countertop.

And the whirlpool bath in the master bathroom will be surrounded by granite.

Here’s a storage unit in the laundry/utility/sewing room (pantry?). The door to the kitchen is at left.

Here’s a view of the back of the room (with the storage unit at left). The recess at left may be intended for an upright freezer.

351 N. Summit Street

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” but I don’t need a thousand words to tell you that there are no pictures today because they would not reveal any significant change from last week. I did, however, have a chance to speak to the builder/owner, who confirmed that he will retain the North Summit address even though the new house faces on Blakeney Avenue. I wish I had thought to ask him about access to the garage attic.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Improvements this week are mostly in the area of trim—door frames, baseboards, and the like. This doorway to the master bedroom shows a typical newly installed frame.

The ceiling in the master bedroom is also new.

In the master bath, the shower has been prepared for tiling.

In the garage apartment, the storage space under the stairs now has a door.

Upstairs, doors in the bedroom have also been framed.

In the hallway outside the bedroom, an opening to a small attic space has been framed.

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