Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 9-13-15

Yesterday was dismally overcast and appeared to threaten rain, but I ventured out anyway, fearing today would be even worse, and was lucky to be able to get the photos I needed. As it turned out, it did not rain (though it was pleasantly cool), and today dawned sunny and decidedly chilly (64° when I got up, 70° when I finally got out), which made for an exhilarating walk, but almost all of the photos were taken yesterday (I did retake one blurry one and add a few afterthoughts today).

308 N. Bayview

Outside, some more photos of the carport. This is the interior of one of two identical storage areas on either side of the garage space. The owner says most of the length of one of them will be taken up with firewood storage; the rest of the space will be used for gardening and yard tools.

This section of lattice is an example of the treatment that will be applied to all the open spaces at the “front” of the carport (entry side, on the alley behind the house). The “back” side (toward the house) will, according to the owner, just have a railing.

In the center of the carport is a pull-down stair to the attic area. The owner says he can’t imagine what they might want to store here given the ample storage space in the house (and especially since it will not be climate-controlled).

When I was at the house last week, I encountered a carpenter who said he was there just to “piddle a little.” The owner said the carpenters sometimes came on weekends to use their tools there to make projects for themselves, family, or friends, so it’s not certain that these benches are intended for this house. I had thought they might be destined for the front porch or the back veranda, but the owner knew nothing about them, only about a long bench to be made for the front porch.

Drawers have been installed in cabinet units in the kitchen, and the arched doors have been installed in the cupboard in the butler’s pantry.

These stained drawers will go in the cabinets in the butler’s pantry.

When I saw this painted door in the master bedroom, I at first thought (and the owner said he thought the same) that it was one of the porch screen doors, but in fact they were both still in the front hall.

Yesterday, however, it had been installed as the door from the kitchen to the pantry/laundry-utility room. The owner says this is not its final color, but it will in fact have screen of some sort (not glass).

Another hunch was confirmed when I saw that this sideboard had vanished from the sitting room and, sure enough, had turned up in the master bath.

351 N. Summit

Although I took a photo of the exterior, I don’t think you will see a significant change from the photos of two weeks ago.

Inside, however, HVAC work has begun.

Here it appears that an opening has been left for a pull-down stair to the attic of the garage. I find it hard to believe that a pull-down stair will provide the only access to this large space (apparently to be divided into two or more rooms), most of it almost certainly standing height, with a dormer window at the front, two windows in a dormer on one side, and a large window in the gable at the back.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Outside, there is little change. In fact, progress is so slow that it appears the house is falling apart before it is completed!

Inside, the powder room, though still boarded up, has acquired a door frame and door. The only other change I could detect was some priming/painting of woodwork.

Below are two attempts to capture the hard-to-photograph upstairs hall area leading to the two bedrooms at the west end. The space is too narrow and dark for the typical upstairs landing/loft sitting area, but, judging from the height of the three electrical outlets, I’m guessing that there will be a built-in counter or desk here.

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