Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 9-20-15

Very little noticeable progress except at 308 N. Bayview.

308 N. Bayview Street

When I spoke with the homeowner last week, he told me that October 31 is the “drop-dead” date he has given the builder. On that date, he and his wife plan to move in even if the house isn’t completely finished. At the rate work is going, I think the deadline will be met, but he expressed concern about being able to get to work in the yard. It appears here that a beginning is being made on landscaping and the planned walk and steps from the house to the carport.

The carport exterior has been painted to match the house. The “simple railing” at the back of the carport turns out to be more elaborate than I had envisioned, matching the half-wall around the front porch. (This photo had to be shot straight into the sun, so it is not very good.)

The latticework has been completed and painted.

Here’s a shot of the inside of the carport, finished but not yet painted. This is the outside of the storage area on the south side (last week’s post showed the interior of the north side).

Inside, the major activity this week has been sanding the salvaged floors, using the abrasive compound and sanding disks and belts shown here.

You can compare these shots of the hallways and hall bathroom to those in my posts for March 1, June 7, June 28, and July 4.

In the kitchen, sure enough, the door to the pantry has been painted grayish-green (the homeowner said last week that white was not its final color), matching the accent trim elsewhere in the kitchen.

Faucets have been installed in the kitchen sink and wet bar, and the cabinet doors and drawer fronts in the butler’s pantry have been stained.

In the master bath, openings for sinks and fixtures have been cut in the sideboard/vanity.

Outside, a trough above the French drain has been filled with gravel (and I inadvertently captured a self-portrait).

351 N. Summit Street

No discernible changes this week. I did take advantage of a well-placed and sturdy ladder to climb to the second floor (a scary adventure I won’t be repeating), and I did take a few pictures, but the floor plan was so confusing that I not try to describe or illustrate it until there are stairs and wallboard.

111 Magnolia Avenue

I had to really hunt for anything to report this week. The most noticeable change on the outside was that the attractive (but carelessly damaged) brick driveway has been taken up (perhaps to be relaid), and, on an unrelated note, four pallets of bricks have been delivered in front of the house, perhaps to be used for a walkway.

Inside, risers have been installed on the top half of the staircase.

In one of the west bedrooms, there are test paint swatches, and shelves have been installed in the linen closet outside the hall bathroom on the east end (I did say it was a stretch to find anything to report!).

In the garage apartment, door frames and baseboards have been painted. Indeed, trim painting seems to be about the only change in the whole house.

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