Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 9-27-15

A lot of gradual progress and one big surprise this week.

308 N. Bayview Street

Outside, lattice has been inserted in the foundation openings under the porch, and the interior of the carport, including newly installed doors to the storage areas, has been primed.

Inside, sanding of the floors is nearly complete. Below, a few examples in the foyer (not completed), back hall, hall bath, and master bedroom. (Compare the floor in the master bedroom to the photo in my July 4 post, when the room was filled with salvaged doors.)

In the kitchen, the cabinetmaker was working today to finish installing cabinet doors. The arched doors here had been removed to have glass installed. By the way, I asked the cabinetmaker about the small benches, and he said they were for his own use, because he has a bad back and can’t stand for extended periods.

351 N. Summit Street

The roof has been extended to cover the rafter extensions, creating deep eaves.

We may have access to the upstairs next week, as stringers for the stairs to the landing have installed, and the stringers for the flight from the landing to the second floor are waiting on the landing.

Under the eaves, a glimpse of upstairs plumbing.

111 Magnolia Avenue

The most stunning development this week is the excavation and framing of an in-ground pool, with hot tub.

Repairs have been made on this damaged corner.

Inside, the destination of the bricks in the front yard is revealed. This is the breakfast room adjacent to the kitchen.

Doors have been installed from the house to the downstairs back porch and both upstairs porches.

In the master bath, pencil schematics show the location of the lavatories and other fixtures.

Test color swatches are still being added, but some color choices have been made (the first sampler has “Jack & Jill bathroom” and “accent Liv Rm” marked; from the second we learn that the small room opening onto the back upstairs porch is the Reading Room).

This mysterious incision appears in the foyer of the east bedroom upstairs.

In the garage apartment, the function of the understair cubby is now evident.

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