Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 10-4-15

I have a LOT of photos this week, so bear with me!

308 N. Bayview Street

In front, the beginnings of construction of railings around the landing at the top of the steps to the porch.

In back, no more progress on the carport (no painting inside), but it is clear that the half-wall will be painted grey to match the exterior.

Inside, most of the work this past week has been on the floors, most of which have been stained and sealed, then covered with protective cardboard.

Narrow double doors have been installed in the master bath and closet doorways.

In the master bath, sinks and faucets (but not faucet handles) have been installed.

In the powder room, a stone top has been added to the lavatory frame, with an opening for the oval vitreous china sink currently waiting on the floor below.

In the back hall, a prepared threshold waits to replace a temporary 1×4.

The living room has been cleared of woodworking equipment, allowing an unobstructed view of the still-unfinished flooring.

In the kitchen, a worker was spraying (by my guess) a light coat of polyurethane varnish on unpainted drawers.

351 N. Summit Street

Downstairs, the living room is filled with lumber, much of it salvaged.

Throughout the downstairs, bundles of windows lean against walls. The label on one package gives the specs.

Sure enough, the stairs have been roughed in, permitting exploration of the upstairs.

A hard hat is recommended for ascending the stairs, however!

Upstairs, it’s clear that the head-threatening ceiling of the stairwell is a temporary floor left in place to permit easier installation of windows, drywall, etc.

The following photos illustrate the layout of the second floor as I understand it. Standing at the head of the stairs, we can see the master bedroom on the left and the second bedroom on the right, with a loft above. The area at the top of the stairs (outside the bedrooms) will, I think, be a small sitting room. The center door, between the bedrooms, in the center of the house, opens to the laundry room.

A very steep ladder provides access to a loft (I’m guessing this might be a sleeping area for visiting grandchildren) and a walk-in attic.

These two photos show the back (north) and front (south) ends of the master bedroom, each with two small closets. The door to the right in the second photo leads to the bath/dressing area.

Here at the front of the house is the elevated “throne room.” From examining the plumbing, my guess is that there will be a toilet room on one side (east) and a shower on the other. (The shower is the source of the protruding knuckle of plumbing we saw last week.) Between them, under the window, perhaps a garden tub.

Looking from the putative tub area, we see a large open space with enclosed rooms on either side. Judging again from the plumbing, I’m guessing that the enclosed rooms will be walk-in closets, each with a lavatory counter outside, plus a dressing table east of the closet door on the north side (toward the back of the house and entrance from the bedroom).

The second bedroom has a modest closet (sliding doors, probably) and a full bath en suite.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Sometime during the past week (I think it was Friday that I saw cement mixers at the site), the pool has been filled in.

This frame beside the garage will probably become a concrete pad for garbage cans.

Inside, there’s little sign of progress—no tile work as yet: it appears that painting is the first priority, with cans of paint much in evidence and yet another set of test swatches.

The main (east) bedroom upstairs has become a door store, with ten interior doors painted and ready for installation.

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