Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 10-18-15

Some interesting developments this week—encouraging, discouraging, intriguing.

308 N. Bayview Street

When I passed “Mayhem” yesterday, a painter was working on the screen doors, the porch frame having already been painted. Not previously noticed, and consequently not included in a photo, is the latticework in the gable over the porch.

I saw that the temporary plywood door had been removed from in front of the double entrance doors and locksets installed on those doors, so I was not confident that I would be able to gain access today.

As luck would have it, however, one of the owners’ sons was there with his wife and two boys. They were just leaving and were supposed to lock up but allowed me to gain access briefly for a few photos. I entered, as usual, through the back door.

Behind the house, significant progress has been made in the landscaping (or at least the terraforming of the landscape) with the construction of a retaining wall and graceful steps leading up to the carport.

Inside, most of the kitchen drawers were now in place (though currently without pulls). My initial thought about this drawer (when I saw it in the master bedroom) was that perhaps it would be storage for a mixer or other large appliance (there are mechanisms that can be installed to raise them to counter height), but now, seeing it next to the sink, I’m thinking perhaps it is intended for placement of a small wastebasket.

In the master bath, doors for the “medicine chests” have been created but not painted or installed. I look forward to seeing what sort of light fixture will be connected to those wires!

A tub faucet has been installed but is still shrouded. Presumably it will be similar to these fixtures in the tub-shower of the hall bath.

Any other changes are subtle—painting, installing doorknobs, and the like. I previously mentioned that the owner had told me October 31 was their “drop-dead” date, when they planned to move in even if the house was not complete, but today his son told me that his mother is actually thinking more about getting in by Thanksgiving, which gives the builder a little more slack.

351 N. Summit Street

Outside, a small experiment in brick.

Yesterday a tall stepladder under the small entrance to the attic space of the garage allowed me to take these photos of the space, clearly not intended to be solely an unfinished attic. I did not venture to get up into the attic itself and consequently couldn’t photograph the large window space that is just behind (north of) the opening (that window has not yet been installed). Once again I wondered about the sense of having such an elaborately designed space accessible only via pull-down staircase.

Today, however, I am revising (again) my theories about the “sky bridge” between house and garage. As I walked south on Summit, getting, as usual, my first view of the house from the back, I noticed for the first time that there is a window in the space above the breezeway. Looking at the ceiling of the breezeway, I saw that it had been left open to provide access for installation of the window.

Seeing that, I climbed the ladder to the attic again and took this photo of the wall that marks one end of the “sky bridge.”

The other end, at the top of the stairs in the house, clearly has an opening framed for a door. I can only conclude that the garage attic is planned as expansion space, with a connector that can be opened sometime in the future.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Outside, the story is grading and plumbing around the swimming pool, resulting in a large pile of dirt beside the house on Boise Lane.

Inside, the windows in most of the rooms (this is the living room) have been masked for priming or painting, making the house rather dark.

The plywood has been removed from inside the door to the breakfast room (and also the opening to the powder room).

In the upstairs “second master” bath, the tub, a Kohler “Sunward” model, has been dropped into its frame.

Although it is a deep “soaker” tub, it is neither a whirlpool nor an “air bath.”

The tub that has appeared in the downstairs master bath, on the other hand, is an “air bath,” a Bain-Ultra Meridian 55.

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