Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 11-8-15

Not a lot to report this week, and mostly exterior photos.

308 N. Bayview Street

The house is now securely locked up, so I have only exterior shots. From peeking in windows, however, I would guess that a November 11 move-in date is not going to be feasible. A back-door neighbor I ran into (also “snooping around”) thought even Thanksgiving might be optimistic and was putting his money on Christmas!

The trailer in the front yard tells the tale of what’s going on this week, with stepping stones added on either side of the patio.

At the north lot line, a concrete-block wall has been constructed behind the existing shrubbery.

351 N. Summit Street

From the rear approach, siding on the back of the house is visible.

In front, brickwork nears completion.

111 Magnolia Avenue

The front walk was poured on Wednesday, and brick paving is beginning.

At the east lot line, a retaining wall is being constructed.

Inside, the brick pavement of the mudroom and laundry room has been mortared.

Most of the progress this week has been in tile work, here just beginning in the master bathroom shower.

The floor of the Jack-and-Jill bath has been completed, as have the floor and shower of the upstairs master bath.

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