Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 11-22-15

Not a lot this week.

308 N. Bayview Street

The first thing I noticed was that the foundation (concrete blocks and lattice) has been painted dark gray.

The second thing I noticed was the owner, who came out to greet me. He and his wife are in the process of moving in, having moved most of the heavy items (sofas, beds, dressing tables, etc.) and plan to celebrate Thanksgiving in the house. He says he is now eager for the landscaper to finish grading and lay sod.

In the back, patio furniture has been arranged. The owner says it has been decided to make a solid walk incorporating the stepping stones rather than have the stepping stones alone.

Painting of the carport has been completed, and I spotted tubs of Christmas ornaments in one of the storage rooms. Potted plants have been added.

I asked the owner whether the plan was to have lanterns of some kind at the top of the stair pillars. He said the conduit could accommodate either wiring or plumbing, so it hadn’t been decided whether to have lighting or pots, but he suspected it would be pots. Small lights will be incorporated in the wall surrounding the patio, replacing the spotlights currently at the corners of the eaves.

These carriage lamps on the back veranda are not new, but I had not previously noticed or photographed them.

The owner graciously gave me the grand tour, and I was able to take a few more photos. This unfortunately fuzzy one shows the refrigerator panels in place.

In the living room, draperies have been hung, and the TV is mounted in a frame. The owner said they would probably request that the frame be repainted to match the wall behind it (dark gray though it appears green in the photo), which will make it blend in more and also be less distracting for TV viewing.

In the closet of Bedroom 2, the fold-down attic staircase was down. The owner said it had turned out that the one in the carport was actually easier to use because the ceiling was not as high.

351 N. Summit Street

Progress on the chimney was the only noticeable change from last week.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Bricklayers were working on the front walk when I passed on Saturday. Although it’s difficult to see under the protective plastic covering (especially with the shadows), the walk has a herringbone pattern.

Inside, the story this week is cabinetry. Here is a wall unit in the dining room.

Here the kitchen (viewed from the breakfast area) takes shape.

These units are in what I call the “mud room,” the rear entrance from the garage.

In the master bath, the vanity is ready to be installed. Note the pencil markings on the wall behind it indicating the placement of sinks.

Tiling of the master bath shower has also been completed.

Upstairs, this unit confirms that the windowed anteroom to the closet in the northwest bedroom will be a dressing room. (There is also a window in the walk-in closet of the southwest bedroom.)

This is the vanity in the Jack-and-Jill bathroom.

There is still little change in the garage apartment except that the dark hardwood flooring has been installed at the top of the stairs, in the landing and porch area; presumably the rest of the apartment will be tiled or carpeted.


Sure enough, 160 Fels Avenue, pictured last week with an endangered house, is now an empty lot.

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