Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 11-29-15

This being a holiday week, the “gym” where I work out (the exercise room at the Fairhope United Methodist Church) was closed, and my Thursday ballet class was canceled, so I had more opportunities to be outside. Consequently, some of the photos below were taken on Thursday, some on Saturday, and one today.

308 N. Bayview Street

As of Thursday morning, the front yard had been graded. The owner says he hopes sod will be laid by the middle of this week.

The fountain has also been assembled in its niche.

Here you can see that the stepping stones have been picked up and piled on top of the retaining wall.

351 N. Summit Street

On Thursday, progress on the chimney could be observed.

Bricklayers were at work on Saturday, and by Sunday the east wall was almost complete, catching up with progress on the chimney.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Bricklayers were at work on Thursday building this wall and the beginnings of reconfigured steps in the front (on Magnolia Avenue) and at the side entrance from Boise Lane.

The design of the front walk is revealed.

Inside, cabinets had been added to the laundry room.

The spa tub is still in limbo in the master bath (as it has been the past couple of weeks).

Most of the interior work is subtle: almost all the doors have been hung, and, in rooms that have been painted, switch plates and outlet covers have been installed.

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