Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 12-13-15

308 N. Bayview Street

At last we have sod, and the homeowners have decorated for Christmas.

Time will reveal the plans for this unsodded area—perhaps a flowerbed.

This seems like a good time to retrieve, for comparison purposes, a couple of photos of the original house that this (mostly) replaced. It was the home of Frank and Leona Feltus Newman. A resident of Fairhope since 1949 (and widowed in 1969), Mrs. Newman died, age 99, in June 2012, leaving a son and daughter living locally, as well as Thomas the cat, who has been adopted by the new owners, joining their own dog and two cats.

351 N. Summit Street

There was no discernible change this week, but on Saturday a crew from Diamond Masonry were removing the unused bricks.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Plenty to report on here. The front yard has been sodden and extensively landscaped, and I had to retreat to the street (even across the street) to take exterior photos because the sprinkler system was enthusiastically drenching the sidewalk.

The front steps have been completed, and progress has been made on the side entrance.

Inside, the fireplace surround and mantel have been completed.

Countertops have been installed in the dining room and laundry room.

In the kitchen, a sink and some countertops have been added.

In the master bath, sinks await the installation of countertop.

These boxes in the master bedroom are intriguing: a mirrored, four-door, three-drawer console and two mirrored one-drawer, two-door consoles. Perhaps they are intended for the closets? Or one might end up in the bathroom, on the east wall where pencil markings indicated some sort of cabinet.

Stair treads have been installed.

Upstairs, in the room at the top of the stairs, countertops and an intriguing sink have been added.

The half-bath on the hall has been papered with grass cloth.

Sinks and countertop have been installed in the Jack-and-Jill bath and in the “upstairs master bath.”

I hadn’t previously noticed this window in the toilet room of the “upstairs master bath,” which will make it much less claustrophobic. One thing I really like about this house is the amount of natural light, with windows in many of the closets and all the baths.

A parting shot of the landscaped house.

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