Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 12-20-15

Things are really winding down this week, with one house completed, one stalled, and the third locked up.

308 N. Bayview Street

The last of the sod has been laid, so, barring any startling changes, we bid goodbye to this house.

351 N. Summit Street

Although a crew from Diamond Masonry were supposedly loading up unused bricks last week, clearly they did not pick them all up. Perhaps these will be used for the fireplace surround and/or for the front walk.

Interior work was limited to wiring—not very photogenic.

111 Magnolia Avenue

This week both house and garage apartment were securely locked up so there are no interior photos, but the side entrance steps have been completed, and the garage door has been installed.

This view from the front porch shows some of the new landscaping.

This landscaping is on the east side of the front yard.

The graveled area on the east side of the house has two AC units.

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