Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 12-27-15

I didn’t think I would have anything to report today, but in fact, not wanting to disappoint my loyal readers, I have found a few items of moderate interest.

308 N. Bayview Street

This front photo is only subtly changed from last week’s, but some plants have been added to the beds in front of the porch.

These photos of the carport from the rear alley show that the upper level has been sodded and landscaped, but many potted plants and other outdoor items still remain to be placed. I have also realized that the last photo we had of the back of the carport (September 20) was taken before the brick driveway was laid.

351 N. Summit Street

No change.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Last Sunday evening my husband and I visited the Wales West Light Railway to ride the Arctic Express. We shared a carriage with two small boys and their parents. As the train was loading, one of the WW employees, warming up the crowd, came by and spoke to the boys, asking what they wanted for Christmas. Getting no answer (presumably the boys had been trained not to speak to strangers), he asked, “Do you want a box of rocks? Do you want a bag of snakes?” Needless to say, the boys were nonplused, and the joker moved on to another car. But I was reminded of this incident when I visited 111 Magnolia Avenue this weekend and found that the latest addition is a delivery of bags of rocks!

The bags are plastic canvas, warranted for only a single use, and in this case one can see why, as some of the bags had split, allowing the contents to be identified as definitely stone—presumably flagstones. Will the entire back yard be covered with flagstones? Time will tell!


Since it is not in the Bluff Neighborhood, 160 Fels is outside my bailiwick, but since I’ve previously included photos of it before and after demolition of the existing structure, I’ll post these photos showing that construction of a new house has begun, with trenches dug for the footings.

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