Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 1-24-16

The achingly blue sky in some of the photos below may give you an idea of how the weather has changed: our balmy but overcast days have given way to brilliant sunshine and clear skies, but with temps in the high 30s and bitter wind (NW 16 mph when I was out yesterday). Any shelter would have been welcome, but only one of our subject houses is still open.

351 N. Summit Street

Outside, there is no discernible change, but I took some photos to show the roofing, which is complete except for the two porch roofs, which I am assuming will be of a different type—perhaps standing-seam metal.

The roof of the garage is intriguing. I have no idea why it is split this way—perhaps to permit easier access to the window via ladder?

Here is a shot of the actual shingle pattern, followed by a close-up detail of the shingles.

Inside, the pipelaying continues. Since one of the terminal points is in the fireplace, I’m betting on a gas firelighter. Perhaps the other lines will go to gas wall heaters?

This connection is in the middle of the kitchen, perhaps for a gas range in an island?

Here are various other plumbing/HVAC connections of interest. I leave it to the reader to speculate.

111 Magnolia Avenue

No photos today, as masons were working on paving the courtyard both yesterday and today. I’ll try to have a better report next week.

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