Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 2-14-16

Publishing rather late today, at least in part because of difficulty in uploading the photos (Windows refused to see the SD card drive).

308 N. Bayview Street

Not a very good photo, I’m afraid, but I just noticed this additional (new?) bit of landscaping on the south side of the front yard and shot it on the fly.

351 N. Summit Street

Insulation work continues, a combination of sprayed foam, fiberglass batts, and loose fiberglass. The first photo shows the cathedral ceiling in the master bedroom, the second the stair landing, and the third the wall between them.

Wallboard has been delivered and installed in a few small areas, including the identical lavatory vanities that face each other across the dressing area outside the walk-in closets, which leads to the tub, shower, and toilet areas.

As seen here in the stairwell and one of the closets (viewed from the shower area), a great deal of foam cleanup will be required before more progress can be made.

120 Kiefer Avenue

So far work seems to be concentrated on repair of the guest cottage behind the house.

111 Magnolia Avenue

The original retaining wall has been repaired and landscaping extended to the Boise Lane (west) side of the house.

The front porch looks very cozy, though I am wondering how often anyone will want to sit here and view the traffic on Magnolia Avenue.

This is a poor attempt (without trespassing) to show the additional landscaping in the back yard, east of the pool area.


I detoured today to check on the progress of the condos at 52 N. Church Street. The ones in the back (second photo, Building C) are much more spacious but have the drawback that, unlike the units facing the street (Building A), they don’t have attached garages. The garages planned for them will be in a third building (Building B) on which construction has not yet begun. Floor plans can be seen here.

As for the lot at 120 Fels Avenue, no time has been wasted in getting the first floor framed up.

Since the concrete foundation of this area has been floored with plywood, a porch seems more likely than a garage, though I’m surprised there’s no entrance from the master bedroom. Whatever it is going to be, it will be single-story, as the ceiling joists are not as heavy-duty as those in the rest of the house.

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