Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 2-21-16

This week we introduce a new project and formalize a previously discussed one.

252 N. Bayview Street

In just the past week (since I passed last Sunday), work has begun on this house. I assume it is a renovation rather than a demolition, but a fair amount is being torn apart.

There were several piles of these short lengths of lumber. Inquiring minds want to know!

308 N. Bayview Street

Different planters at the foot of the steps, and a birdbath has been added.

351 N. Summit Street

No discernible change inside, but outside it appears that work on the rest of the roof is imminent (you will recall that I speculated that these two porches will have metal roofs).

I may be just noticing it, but at some point since I last photographed the outside, the siding has been painted.

111 Magnolia Avenue

A better view of the landscaping in the courtyard, with solar-powered landscape lights (these have been added in front of the house as well).

Although some leftover masonry remains to be collected, the portolet has been removed, suggesting that construction has officially concluded.

160 Fels Avenue

Although this is outside the Bluff Neighborhood, it appears that it is going to hold my interest, so I’m officially adding it. The builder has not wasted any time this week. Not only has the second floor been framed, but—very atypically—the staircase is already in place.

It’s a little too early to be confident about the floor plan, but the downstairs seems to consist of only a master suite and a great room comprising living, dining, and kitchen areas, plus a powder room and other small areas of indeterminate function (pantry, small office, coat closet, etc.). Upstairs, there are four enclosed rooms (which we will call “bedrooms” for want of a better word, though one of them is almost certainly not intended for sleeping), along with a confusion of smaller areas that will be closets or bathrooms (though in some cases it’s not yet clear which). Most of the bedrooms have “picture window” openings so large that I am wondering if something like a bay window is planned (especially in the case of rooms that have two other floor-to-ceiling windows on an adjacent wall. In addition to the bedrooms, there is an unusually large “landing” at the top of the stairs—larger than any one of the “bedrooms.” Presumably this will be a common sitting area.

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