Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 3-6-16

Japanese magnolias have been blooming for weeks; with the addition of Taiwan cherry, it is clear that spring has sprung. This beautiful example is in front of the house next door to 252 N. Bayview.

252 N. Bayview Street

Considerable progress has been made in framing up the second story, and piles of lumber in front of the house promise more.

I’m not sure where this rubble came from since this portion of the building at rear is unaffected by the renovation (it retains its original roof and has not been gutted).

351 N. Summit Street

Lots of progress to report here. First of all, this attractive copper chimney cap is new.

Inside, drywall installation is almost complete. The following photos show various views of the master bath suite. This first one is of the narthex or foyer between the bedroom and bath proper. The photo was taken from the bedroom entrance, and the bath is to the left. Time will tell how this space will be used.

The next one is of the passage opening to the left of the area shown in the previous picture. I’m assuming this will be a “dressing room,” with a built-in dressing table and probably cabinetry. Beyond it can be seen one of the facing lavatory/vanity areas and beyond them the spa tub under the window.

I was mistaken last week when I said (guessing based on an incomplete photo) that the dormer windows do not illuminate the walk-in closets. As can be seen from these photos, they obviously do.

A tub has been installed in the guest bath as well. I had seen this purple wallboard elsewhere and was curious about it. When I googled for “purple wallboard,” I found that PURPLE® is actually the brand name of this drywall, which is “suitable for any room where moisture, mold and mildew are a concern.”

For the first time in months, I climbed this ladder…

…to the “loft,” which I am still assuming (unless access is greatly improved) will provide sleeping space for agile young grandchildren.

This mechanical room (to the left in the previous photo) houses the furnace and water heater.

The “bonus room” over the garage is also shaping up more now that drywall has been added. Sure enough, some of the under-eave spaces have been finished for storage, including a rather curious sort of squeeze-in closet.

The opening that I have been assuming is for a pull-down stair, covered with plywood when I visited last week, was seen this week to be still open.

This view of the bridge, now also drywalled, shows the window. Through the opening in the background you can see across the stair landing to the master bedroom.

120 Kiefer Avenue

The guest cottage has been painted.

160 Fels Avenue

Exterior sheathing of the second floor has been completed and the roof added. The shape of the façade will be distinctive.

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